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    Brady plc

    Your partner for commodity, energy, recycling,
    trading and risk management software solutions

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  • Brady I-SEM Seminar

    Brady I-SEM Seminar

    Join Brady for an exclusive workshop featuring top industry speakers
    discussing I-SEM and its implications on the energy market

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  • Brady plc acquires energycredit

    Brady plc acquires energycredit

    Brady enhances its credit risk functionality

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  • Recycling


    Brady adds a dispatch management solution to its portfolio

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  • Energy


    Largest European headquartered provider of E/CTRM solutions

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  • Metals
  • Softs and Agriculturals

    Softs and Agriculturals

    Learn about our recent client onboarding of our new
    cotton trading and risk management solution

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Trading and risk management solutions for the global energy, metals, soft commodities and recycling industries.

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Trading and risk management solutions for the global energy, metals, soft commodities and recycling industries.

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What Customers Say

  • KGHM

    The new solution is also able to integrate with our SAP accounting system, which should result in easier access to a true picture of the cost of sales of refined metals, taking into account all of the associated costs from the raw materials purchase.

    Piotr Pawlowski, CIO

  • BKW

    Brady's energy scheduling product, provides us not only with a robust system for performing nominations, but also gives a clear and accurate view of all current and past nomination processes. Thanks to the Brady Energy’s scheduling product, particularly its ability to be customised and extended, we are in a position to react quickly to any new market requirements.

    Jakob Hämmerli, Application Manager

  • Enecogen

    Brady delivers continuous support to Enecogen. The support is also handled by the highly skilled ‘Edinburgh’ team, that team achieves very fast response times via their online Customer Wise tool. Just to summarize, the Enecogen team is very satisfied with the CMS system and also with Brady’s support.

    Michel Klaasse, Plant Performance Engineer


    “Brady's new software allows us to link our physical aluminium positions to our hedge transactions at all times and we have the reassurance that our data and assets are protected by Brady's multi-layered security, in line with the industry standards. In addition, the new software provides a level of management information over our physical and hedge positions which is unparalleled in the industry”.

    Hilmar Leimbach, General Manager 

  • Behr Iron and Metal

    “We have exactly 3,319 scrap containers – and we know where virtually all of them are. That’s one of the biggest advantages of using Brady ScrapRunner. It has definitely improved our routing efficiency.  ”

    Monica Boebel, System Analyst 

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Some of the customers we work with

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