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* AMCS Group has acquired the entire share capital of Brady US Holdings Inc and Systems Alternative International LLC (together the "Recycling Business"). All recycling products are now handled by AMCS on the following link *


Managing a commercial recycling enterprise has become increasingly complex and competitive in the global economy. Multi-location commercial recyclers and brokers need reliable information in near real time to effectively manage their operations; and their commercial reporting must accurately mirror their financial statements. Proactive C-level managers need margin analysis and a variety of other commercial, operational, logistics and financial tools on demand with the ability to drill down to specific suspect transactions. At the same time, financial auditability and controls need to back every transaction. Brady's Commodity Recycling Enterprise Solution (CRES) effectively addresses these challenges and more. Users worldwide count on its browser-based reporting, touchscreen point-of-purchase, point-of-sale, production and tagging to streamline their operations. Back office transactions are fully integrated and exception alerts keep key managers abreast of potential critical business anomalies. CRES users meet today’s challenges with proven technologies from the industry software solutions leader - Brady plc.

Examples of Commercial Recyclers that we work with:

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