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* AMCS Group has acquired the entire share capital of Brady US Holdings Inc and Systems Alternative International LLC (together the "Recycling Business"). All recycling products are now handled by AMCS on the following link *


Effectively managing the recycled commodities supply chain at mill consumers across the globe presents unique challenges for users of traditional ERP systems or legacy systems. Often, there is not one unified management system that key managers can access on a timely and consistent basis but ‘islands of automation’ instead. Scrap purchase agreements and supporting transactions are fraught with pricing, notification, quality, settlement and payment exceptions. Accounting management systems do not seamlessly integrate with the variety of ERP, spreadsheet and legacy systems applications in an efficient and effective way. Supplier communications are sporadic and routine inquiries extremely time consuming for the procurement team. With contained raw materials costs representing the major component of finished goods, the potential cost-saving opportunities of Brady’s Mill Commodity Procurement Solution are significant.

Brady's Mill Commodity Procurement solution effectively addresses all of these challenges and more.  Its browser-based buy plan and management reporting, supplier self-service portal, optional supplier data exchange and proven transactions management systems deliver efficiencies where ERP systems or legacy systems clearly lack critical functionality.  Brady drives down real commodity procurement costs.

Examples of Industrial Processors that we work with:

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