Financial Highlights

2017 Highlights

  • During the year we have streamlined the Group's structure into three distinct areas: Value Enablement, Business Enablement and Product Teams; 
  • Focussed the business to concentrate on our core Commodities and Energy products;
  • Sold the recycling business to AMCS for $6.5 million, allowing us to strengthen our balance sheet subsequent to the year end;
  • Put in place the overarching product design that will enable us to deliver new and innovative products;
  • Delivered new product functionality for our Concentrates solution, created a consolidated Energy platform for the Integrated Single Electricity Market and developed  new functionality to support market changes for Elhub in the Nordic market and LME Smart for the London Metals Exchange;
  • Continued our transition to a recurring revenue model with recurring revenues rising to 66% from 62%; and 
  • Secured seven new customers in our core E/CTRM markets. 

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