Raw Material, Concentrates and Supply Management

Raw Material, Concentrates and Supply Management

Brady’s concentrates and raw materials solution is the market leader for sophistication and completeness in this space. With incredibly rich functionality for contract capture and administration, capturing all of the complexities of complex, multi-element, multi-period trades. The solution is able to accurately create invoices, manage the assay exchange process, calculate mark-to-market and risk positions across all types of concentrate and raw materials contracts and manage associated hedging transactions.

Commodities like scrap, additives and scrap substitutes aren’t bought like traditional consumables, capital equipment or contracted services. That’s where traditional ERP “supply chain management” systems fall far short of the mark, providing a great “tool” for traditional procurement scenarios, but lacking targeted functionality for commodity procurement.

IMPACT mill procurement management system is designed to complement and actively exchange key data with in-place ERP systems that manage your mill manufacturing processes.

We are specialists in meeting the unique requirements in procurement of the commodities representing the most significant contained cost of your finished goods.

The solution caters for refined and unrefined metals, concentrates and raw materials.




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