Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Better Insight for your Energy Business

Brady Energy is a pioneering company with a specialty in IT. By utilizing a comprehensive insight-driven approach and asking the right questions, we can improve your performance and enhance your business efficiency. Start by finding out more about our core knowledge areas.

With expertise built upon an open platform of solutions and services, the Brady Energy offering can improve your business processes and help you achieve a higher level of business efficiency.Our solutions are delivered through a variety of vehicles designed to meet your specific needs, such as hosting or cloud-based services.

Critical to your success is how you adapt your trading system to new business challenges in terms of efficiency and functionality.

In a rapidly changing energy market, you need a smart and flexible trading system. For example, an EU push to foster harmonisation with member countries will drive greater trading volumes while increasing both complexity and risk. For starters, your trading systems must be integrated with real time risk management strategies to support your decisions.

With a deep expertise in the area of risk strategies and modelling, as well as 20 years’ experience in Europe’s most deregulated markets, Brady Energy is uniquely qualified to help you adjust to emerging demands and maximise your trading opportunities.

As national energy markets increasingly move towards cross-border trading, market participants must be able to view electricity balances and inform the relevant transmission system operator (TSO) of the power scheduling or nomination across multiple standards in near to real time.

Since harmonisation of standards appears to be many years away, market participants are faced with the challenge of exchanging information across multiple markets and standards for the foreseeable future. However, for market participants ready to embrace cross-border energy trading, the ability to schedule efficiently at lower risk is critical to success.

In this area, Brady Energy has extensive experience in balancing and scheduling or nomination. With our leading industry insight we are well equipped to assist you in finding the best solutions to stay ahead of competitors.

Emerging trends like smart grids, renewable energy sources, data hubs and more transparent networks will set new standards and requirements on energy data management (EDM) solutions.

Market participants who are able to adapt to new changes quickly and enhance efficiencies are in the best position to succeed. The ability to efficiently collect and managemassive amounts of energy data and handle communication processes between multiple market participants is critical in today’s data management systems.

With its long history in the most advanced deregulated markets, Brady Energy has developed deep knowledge and market-leading solutions that allow you to flexibly adhere to new business requirements as well as exploit new opportunities today and in the future.


The growth of regional entities, whether spot markets or balancing markets, is creating a need for market settlement processes that can handle cross- border issues.

In the next few years, transnational integration will further increase as the EU directives are implemented and greater transmission capacity between formerly fragmented markets becomes available. These developments will intensify the needfor settlement systems that can handle the growing complexity of cross-border data trading, such as national value-added taxes, currencies and languages. To effectively compete, market and grid operators need to upgrade to standardisedand configurable systems in a seamless way and without system failure.

With its extensive expertise in market settlement globally, Brady Energy is helping make the transition to more integrated markets a seamless, low risk and cost efficient experience


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