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Metals Solutions

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Brady delivers the most established, complete, front-to-back office solutions for LME brokers in the market. The solution covers all aspects of LME trading and brokerage for some of the highest volume brokers and traders in the market. The functionality ranges from front-office pricing and capture screens, trade blotters and dealer cards, commission defaults and reporting, matching, confirmations, client reconciliation, invoicing, warrants, client statements, SPAN margin calculation, P&L attribution, client profitability reporting, risk management, limit monitoring and generation of accounting entries, across the full range of LME futures, options, TAPOs as well as many OTC trade types. The core product handles direct interfacing to exchange systems (LMEsmart, LMEsword, LMEselect) and regulatory reporting, and modules can be deployed individually or as part of an integrated solution


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Brady offers metal derivative traders a solution that goes beyond the generic futures and options systems, providing a solution that caters for all of the metal-specific nuances of trading activities. Supporting all of the standard base and precious trade types, from futures and options through to TAPOs, carries, swaps, averages leases, lease rate swaps, and a range of exotic options and option structures, Brady provides a best-of-breed solution for metals. Market data represents LME forward price curves and settlement prices, precious metal contango and lease rate and supporting interest rate and FX functionality. The solution provides real-time position and P&L for the front office, a dealer card and option greeks supporting all trade types, confirmations, invoicing, automated broker reconciliation, margin calculation, VaR, stress testing and P&L attribution.

Brady's system handles our Metals derivatives activities and is very flexible and robust. The system provides the best risk analytics in the market place and is both used globally with our traders and integrated with our back-office systems Jeremy Weir - Head of Base, Trafigura

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Brady delivers the definitive solution in the market for traders, fabricators and producers needing to hedge and risk manage base and precious metal price risk. Allowing tracking of physical and hedging transactions, and many-to-many linkage between these, the system provides market-leading analytics, and accurate mark-to-market, P&L and risk figures to provide visibility of all risks and to provide hedge accounting capability. The solution also provides modules to automatically reconcile broker statements , calculate margin requirements, suggest hedging trades, and allows for a central risk management desk to act as an internal broker within large organisations, centralising hedging operations streamlining processes and reducing transaction charges and operational risks. The solution caters for all levels of hedging from straight futures through to complex option structures.

We chose Trinity because of its robust risk management functionality, including broad range of derivative pricing module and inventory control capabilities, in a platform that directly addresses our business. Brady’s metal hedging and risk management solution is a complete front-to-back system that will enable us to reduce risk and improve our business processes so that we can focus on identifying trading opportunities that will directly impact our bottom line Sadahiko Haneji, Division Senior Vice President, Mitsubishi International Corporation

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Brady offers physical metal traders a sophisticated solution that combines rich contract administration, operational processing and logistics capabilities with sophisticated mark-to-market, pricing and risk tools. Designed for trading, risk management and operations teams, the solution is designed specifically for base and precious metals, covering the nuances of a wide range of physical metal contract attributes, and accurately and reliably representing these in the operational workflow and analytic functions. Powerful derivatives functionality is also available for hedging or proprietary trading.

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Brady’s concentrates and raw materials solution is the market leader for sophistication and completeness in this space. With incredibly rich functionality for contract capture and administration, capturing all of the complexities of complex, multi-element, multi-period trades, the solution is able to accurately create invoices, manage the assay exchange process, calculate mark-to-market and risk positions across all types of concentrate and raw materials contracts and manage associated hedging transactions.


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