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Recycling Solutions

The world’s leading commercial recyclers rely on Brady daily to successfully handling their critical enterprise information requirements, effectively managing their operations across multiple locations, time zones and continents.

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Recycling and Brokers

Brady Commercial Recycling ENTERPRISE System™ (CRES) is the proven alternative to unwieldy and expensive traditional ERP systems or “in-house” development.

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Mill Consumers

IMPACT Mill Commodity Procurement System™ complements mill legacy systems and focuses on the specific needs of mill scrap and commodity procurement.

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Dispatch Management System

ScrapRunner is a dispatch and container control system designed specifically for the scrap recycling industry.

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What our customers are saying


"Brady recycling’s industry-specific systems and their ability to support an organization our size is why we view them as one of our important IT partners."

Steve Phillips, Global Director of IT

Steel Dynamics

"We chose Brady recycling because of its experience in delivering proven commercial recycling applications and its focus on the largest firms in our industry.
Their advanced software applications were the best fit for our requirements and they are committed to delivering the types of professional services that we require."

Bob Francis, VP/CIO

Behr Iron and Metal

“We have exactly 3,319 scrap containers – and we know where virtually all of them are. That’s one of the biggest advantages of using Brady ScrapRunner. It has definitely improved our routing efficiency.  ”

Monica Boebel, System Analyst 

Atlas Iron & Metal

“The system has helped us to keep track of our business in a more efficient and transparent way. Everybody in the system knows exactly where our containers are and which ones are available to put out into the field.”

Kevin Hailpern, Vice President