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Brady offers physical traders a sophisticated solution that combines rich contract administration, operational processing and logistics capabilities with sophisticated mark-to-market, pricing and risk tools. Designed for trading, risk management and operations teams, the solution is designed specifically for base and precious metals, covering the nuances of a wide range of physical metal contract attributes, and accurately and reliably representing these in the operational workflow and analytic functions. Powerful derivatives functionality is also available for hedging or proprietary trading.

The Document Management module provides a single interface for handling, organising, storing, sharing and retrieving all of the trading company’s messages, contacts and documents in order to improve the business communication workflow. The Linked DOC function allows linking any document to a specific form of the solution. Generation of documents is done by the use of document templates that can be modified by the trading company to match their specific needs. These templates can be easily manipulated by using the dictionary of keywords that are used to dynamically generate documents such as deal sheets, contracts, invoices, shipping instructions, letters of credit, etc.

The physical contracts module enables the comprehensive management and tracking of physical contracts. By matching sales and purchases it provides an up-to-date view of the profitability of each operation, so you can control the overall risk exposure throughout the lifecycle of the transaction. The profitability of the operation can then be accurately reconciled by profit centre, compared to the budget and directly reflected in the balance sheet.

We wanted to introduce an integrated solution to strengthen our management capabilities, to process information and to reduce the time required to make financial statements available. With Brady’s FINTRADE application, we have installed a technologically advanced solution that is well adapted to petroleum commodities trading and meets many of the challenges associated with tracking logistics. We really appreciated the reactivity and availability of Brady’s teams. In addition, one of the group’s strong points is its consulting team. They’re not just IT specialists, but people who speak the same language as us and who understand our business Pierre-André Brouze, CFO, TELF AG

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Brady offers derivative traders a solution that goes beyond the generic futures and options systems, providing a solution that caters for all of the nuances of trading activities. Supporting all of the standarde trade types, from futures and options through to TAPOs, carries, swaps, averages leases, lease rate swaps, and a range of exotic options and option structures. The solution provides real-time position and P&L for the front office, a dealer card and option greeks supporting all trade types, confirmations, invoicing, automated broker reconciliation, margin calculation, VaR, stress testing and P&L attribution.

The derivative contracts module handles Futures contracts, Swap and Options, so these derivative contracts can be linked to physical contracts and evaluated daily in the global position report. The Forex module allows create both spot and forward foreign exchange contracts. The contracts can be linked to physical contracts, and used in P&L and other reports.

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The Logistics module ensures the complete traceability of the good from the provider to the customer and helps organise the logistics of delivery. This module enables to plan the transportation, inform the parties involved (producer, client, carrier, inspectors) and follow-up the shipments. Inventory management functions provide relevant information on the status and position of the goods as soon as the data is entered into the system, goods being either in a warehouse or floating. Reports showing the stock movement history or the stock available at a cut-off date are provided.

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Brady Inventory Management solution enables total traceability of all goods and relevant information on the location and status of the goods as soon as the data has been entered into the system, whether the commodity is in a warehouse, in transit on the road or on a vessel. Reports providing full stock movement history or remaining stock available at a certain date are also provided.

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The Finance module provides the information necessary to evaluate the best ways of financing an operation, so you can minimise the overall risk and cost of the transaction. It also supports the Swift format (MT7xx), so data can be directly imported. Typical options include: Bank commission and LC cost, Bank guarantee cost, Pre-financing, Credit limit by bank and type of operation, Current account balance, Cash forecast based on open items.

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