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What Customers Say

  • Telfag

    With Brady’s physical metal trading solution, we have installed a technolog...

  • Hydro

    The automation offered by EDM is essential to us. The implications of data er...

  • Enecogen

    Brady delivers continuous support to Enecogen. The support is also handled by...

  • Novelis

    It was clear that Brady’s metal hedging and risk management solution was an...

  • BKW

    Brady Energy’s scheduling product, provides us not only with a robust syste...

  • Marex

    Compared to our old in-house system and other commodity trading and risk mana...

  • Steel Dynamics

    We chose Brady recycling because of its experience in delivering proven comme...

  • SIMS

    Brady recycling’s industry-specific systems and their ability to support an...

  • Trafigura

    Brady's system handles our Metals derivatives activities and is very flexible...

  • Clean Energy Solutions

    Brady shows a great willingness to work closely with us through on-going work...

  • Fortum

    The services we provide are reliant upon a dependable EDM system being in pla...

  • Mitsubishi

    We chose Brady metal hedging and risk management solution because of its robu...

  • KGHM

    The new solution is also able to integrate with our SAP accounting system, wh...

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