Utilities in the energy markets face many complex tasks, amongst them an efficient trading organisation and assessment of potential risk are crucial. Brady can now provide you with a complete solution covering all aspects from financial to physical trading. In addition, our logistics solution is amongst the most sophisticated in the market and is used by many of the most active cross-border traders. Moreover, you can have automatic deal tracking and reconciliation, real-time position management, raise invoices and confirmations, as well as advanced risk assessment. Brady’s solutions will help you to stay competitive within a single integrated environment.

Energy suppliers face the difficult task of balancing the necessity to offer the most competitive customer tariffs possible while managing significant risks of wholesale price volatility, customer demand uncertainty and customer churn. Managing those risks effectively, without driving up base costs, is a core competitive challenge. Brady offers a suite of tools from energy trading solutions to customer demand forecasting price curve analysis to energy logistics. Whether as a complete suite or integrated with other solutions, Brady is able to offer you the tools to enhance and extend your competitive position.



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