Within the commodities markets, banks operate under multiple guises with a primary focus on providing trade finance and broking services to their clients. As such, there is a wide-ranging requirement for software which can manage a trade lifecycle from trade input through to settlement and beyond.

In addition to this, the ever-changing markets require banks to be flexible in their approach, whether they trade one or multiple commodities. In recent times, the impact of regulation, in particular, has vastly changed the management of a commodities business.

It is imperative that throughout the trade lifecycle, various areas of the bank are able to access the data and information that they require, quickly and easily. Brady’s systems are designed with this in mind and come complete with a suite of predefined user reports, from simple trade and stock listings to more complex ‘what if’ stress testing matrices for in-depth risk/reward analysis. Our systems are user configurable allowing new reports to be created instantly. Should additional support be required, our experienced professionals, with both commodity market and IT backgrounds, are on hand to liaise and advise on various risk, regulation and compliance reporting methods including Value at Risk (‘VaR’) and CAD II.

Brady recognises that within banks, technology architecture is often complex, meaning that the ability to interface with third-party systems is a necessity. Our systems can, therefore, interface with multiple systems both internal and external, including LMEsmart and the LMEsword warrant management system, SWIFT and TrayPort. Our General Ledger Interface is built to allow seamless flows between accounting systems.

The advancement in technology over the last few decades has made the commodity marketplace truly global, allowing a large number of contracts to be traded around the clock from virtually anywhere in the world. Brady systems are designed to have single or multiple databases that can be accessed by users at any number of different locations globally.

Brady is proud to provide a suite of solutions to cover all of your commodity needs across the full trade lifecycle, from trade pricing and execution through to settlement, inventory management and logistics.


Banks we work with

BTG Pactual ICBC Standard Bank HSBC


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