Trading floor

When you are facilitating business and executing client orders in a volatile market, it is imperative that you have timely access to all of the latest market data. Brady’s systems are designed with this in mind and come with a variety of pricing screens for a large array of different products. They will allow you to price simple forward transactions through to complicated options strategies. Market rates can be manipulated, allowing option premiums to be calculated in anticipation of market moves. Indication sheets can be produced and distributed to your clients, giving you the edge when it comes to receiving resting orders.

The advancement in technology over the last few decades has made the commodity marketplace truly global, allowing a large number of contracts to be traded around the clock from virtually anywhere in the world. Brady has therefore designed its systems to have single or multiple databases that can be accessed by users at any number of different locations globally.

To assist you with providing the highest level of client services at all times, Brady solutions have a multitude of reports available as standard, plus the ability for bespoke reports to be built either in-house or by our experienced professionals, who have both commodity market and IT backgrounds. Our reports can be generated on request or via an STP process and automatically sent out to your clients in real time.

Brady is proud to provide a suite of solutions to cover all of your commodity needs across the full trade lifecycle, from trade pricing and execution through to settlement, inventory management and logistics


Brokers that we work with:


AMT Societe Generale