Cloud Services

In addition to our on-premise delivery, Brady can also provide Cloud-based solutions which have a number of significant benefits, including industry-leading scalable infrastructure, top class resilience and robust security required for a high availability environment.

Our Cloud solutions give clients easy access to any part of the Brady solution suite and allow usage to be extended rapidly to meet new business needs. Underlying infrastructure resources can also be scaled quickly as business volumes grow. This means that clients only pay for what they need when they need it. This flexibility combined with shorter implementation times and dramatically reduced internal IT infrastructure and service costs, delivers a quicker return on investment and significantly reduced total cost of ownership to our customers.

Brady’s Cloud Services are also backed by our world-class domain expertise and services to provide the best possible user experience.


Access to solutions hosted on Brady’s Cloud Services can be enabled quickly and easily. This means that you can dramatically cut the lead time required to be up and running with a new system. It is also extremely easy to add new users and even new systems, as and when required.

Resilience and DR

With full redundancy, clustering and disaster recovery options, access to applications and data can be guaranteed and operational efficiency assured.


Brady’s Cloud Services can be easily scaled in breadth and depth as business requirements change. Functional coverage can be extended to provide access to additional features or to support additional asset classes. Solutions can also be expanded to support increased volumes and additional users as well as throughput/performance requirements. This means that our Cloud Services can support the growth and changing needs of your business, both on a short and long-term basis.


The flexible nature of Brady’s Cloud Services means that you only pay for what you need when you need it. For example, Cloud resources can be quickly added to meet a short-term requirement (eg to provide a test system for an upgrade) and then removed just as easily when that requirement has been met. This elasticity only adds to the cost effectiveness offered by our Cloud Services.


Unlike many on-premise solutions, Brady’s Cloud Services offer the very best in comprehensive multi-layered security. They meet and, in many cases, exceed industry standards which means that your data and assets are protected at all times. Additional advanced security, including database encryption, is also available to provide extra reassurance.


Brady’s Cloud Services are all backed by Brady’s world-class domain expertise and outstanding customer service. Your solutions can be managed and optimised proactively to ensure operational efficiency and performance, as well as ensuring that your business has access to the very latest features.

Reduced IT Costs

Moving to Brady’s Cloud Services means that you no longer need the hardware and software infrastructure required for an on-premise solution. This ensures a significant reduction in the associated internal IT support and management costs.

Reduced TCO AND Increased Business Agility

Brady’s Cloud Services deliver robust, scalable solutions that can be adapted quickly and easily to meet the changing needs of your business. Combined with the reduced cost of ownership, this makes it easier and quicker to deliver business value and realise a faster return on investment.