Concentrate Solutions

Brady Concentrates: tired of having half the answer?


Automation of complex
rules, to save time and
embed consistency of

Peace of mind

Confidence you have a
consistent view across
all your deals within a
secure system designed
for concentrates


A flexible tool for experienced
traffic and trading teams to adapt
quickly to new opportunities

Sophistication in a complicated world

Still managing your most complex business on the least sophisticated system?

The challenge of reflecting the more complex rules and processes of the concentrates market means that in many businesses, the systems used to manage concentrates are not as sophisticated as other commodities.

Tired of only having half of the answer, at Brady we are committed to providing the market with the tools needed to manage the full lifecycle of a concentrates trade flow; from initiation and deal capture, through the transportation and logistics network, all the way down to the final customer.

Our investment includes an improved rules engine, an assay exchange service, enhancements to detailed P&L reporting, blending/splitting functions and an integrated subledger for concentrates and their specificities.

Is it time to upgrade your approach to concentrates?


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