Re-thinking credit risk
in the new era

Discover a smarter way to manage credit risk

When trading in commodities and energy, economic volatility, trade wars and
regional sanctions results in stressed supply chains and negatively impacts earnings potential.

In order to deliver stable revenue and cash flows, detailed credit data analysis, real-time
situation reporting and a holistic view of business performance on a daily basis are paramount.

Let us help you to safeguard your revenue

Brady is an established vendor in the credit risk management software space. Some of the most renowned multi-national companies trading in oil, gas, coal and power use the Brady credit risk solution to manage commodity and financial markets exposure.

Brady’s multi commodity credit risk software empowers trading, risk, credit and finance teams to:

  Address sudden changes in business performance quickly

  Mitigate financial loss by reacting promptly to negative events

Implement appropriate credit risk mitigation strategies

Understand limits and exposures by country, counterparty or portfolio in a single view

  Perform risk calculations more accurately from data stored across CTRM, ETRM, ERP and other systems

  Be consistent in reporting by sharing data with multiple departments

  Identify and predict future trends in credit risk exposure across portfolios

Pioneering Real-time Alerting Solution

Act promptly with instant notification of negative and positive events
from critical data held in any system across your organisation.


Be first to know with proactive market insight

Learn about Brady’s real-time alerting solution to transform your business’ risk management landscape.

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