Credit Risk

Our customers cite industry knowledge, the breadth and depth of functionality and the level of flexibility within the Brady Credit Risk solution as the main reasons why they choose to work with the Brady Credit Risk team. We have been in business for more than 20 years and have the largest customer base of global energy trading organisations for our credit risk management solution.


Tangible Benefits

  • Enhanced view of credit exposures with counter-parties on a daily basis
  • More accurate credit information and flexible reporting on a timely basis
  • Fully automated credit management process including margin interest calculations and a complete audit trail
  • Improved controls aid Sarbanes-Oxley implementation and enhances corporate governance
  • Central repository for all credit-related information
  • Increased productivity
  • Automated aggregation of credit data and limit monitoring
  • Less manual intervention in the credit process
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Implementation Services

Brady’s Credit Risk team understands the importance of providing our customers with a smooth and reliable software implementation service and we are dedicated to fulfilling your business requirements.  We recognise that successfully implementing a new Counter-party Credit Risk Management solution requires more than just simply installing and configuring a product.   That’s why we provide a variety of expert services around implementation, training, process improvement, project management, software customisation and account management to ensure that your implementation programme is fully supported at all stages (before and after go live).

Our Services organisation employees highly skilled and tenured consultants with unrivalled experience in delivering credit risk management solutions; and is backed by a proven track record of successful delivery around the world.  Brady plc’s expert domain, business and technical services resources work directly with you to ensure that our products deliver exactly to your business and functional requirements in the fastest possible time.  Our signature implementation and configuration methodology  has enabled us to have an unrivalled track record of implementation success, including proven technical integration with other systems.

Brady Credit Risk is a highly configurable solution. It can be tailored exactly to the customer’s requirements for reporting, exposure profiling, workflow and limit management.  We can meet and support your specific business processes through our advanced workflow process modelling tool. Furthermore, Brady Credit Risk can also be delivered as a shrink-wrapped solution, with a complete off the shelf configuration. This is ideal for organisations who desire a standard solution for a rapid implementation.

Our shrink-wrapped solution comes with pre-configured workflows, limits and exposure profiles. It also comes with a pre-defined set of standard interfaces for easy integration.