Credit Risk

Brady’s market leading credit risk solution helps credit departments to manage and mitigate counterparty credit risk through credit limits, exposure calculation, margining workflow, internal credit scoring, legal contract management and reporting.


Key business benefits:

  • Enhanced view of credit exposures with counter-parties on a daily basis
  • More accurate credit information and flexible reporting on a timely basis
  • Fully automated credit management process including margin interest calculations and a complete audit trail
  • Improved controls aid Sarbanes-Oxley implementation and enhances corporate governance
  • Central repository for all credit-related information
  • Increased productivity
  • Automated aggregation of credit data and limit monitoring
  • Less manual intervention in the credit process
  • Highly configurable with the ability to be tailored for bespoke reporting, exposure profiling, workflow and limit management requirements
  • Can be deployed with pre-configured workflows, limits and exposure profiles for a rapid implementation
  • Pre-defined set of standard interfaces for easy integration with other systems



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