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Safeguard your business revenue with Brady’s next generation credit risk solution. Our new design is tailored to each department involved in the credit management process including credit, margining, risk, trading, treasury, legal and compliance teams.

Brady’s credit risk solution is scalable.  It offers optimal credit risk management for small-medium enterprises to multi-national, global organisations trading portfolios of energy, commodities and financial products.

market insight

  • Define the data you want to monitor and create automated alerts
  • Get early warnings of negative credit events and take mitigating actions as early as possible
  • Measure risk velocity to understand how quickly risks could affect your business

Increase efficiency,
optimise performance

  • Gain a central repository combining trades from multiple systems across the organisation
  • Identify areas of the organisation not performing as strongly and take action
  • Swiftly implement workflow and escalation for complex credit risk management, including customer on-boarding, monitoring the efficiency of credit requests and management of limit utilisation and exposure


  • Perform detailed analysis of current and historical data to quantify and help to predict future trends in credit exposure across portfolios
  • Provide metrics to the management board in clear graphical reports and configurable dashboards
  • Pioneering real-time reporting to support strategic credit management decisions

Key features at a glance

Analytics for credit risk

Know the impact of risk
Perform ‘what-if’ calculations to identify operational impact before taking action

Limits in credit risk

Rapid implementation
Preconfigured with modern REST open APIs for the import and export of data

Automation in credit risk

Modern user interfact and user experience
Web browser based utilising Microsoft’s latest HTML technology

Reporting in credit risk

Comply with EMIR
Adopt more rigorous risk management rules, including dispute resolution

Scoring in risk management

Legal contract access
Conclude contract negotiations faster reducing administrative requirements

Exposure in risk management

Implement only the functionality that meets your business requirements

Discover a smarter way to manage credit risk

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