“What our customers say”

Commodities trading


Energy trading

“For more than 25 years Brady has been developing leading software for customers to successfully manage the volatility, risk, and complexity of commodity trading and as the leader in their field and an existing supplier to us, the selection process was relatively simple. We have every confidence in the solutions and support that Brady provides, as well as their ability to deliver the right set of tools on time and within budget.”

Craig Dean, CEO at Gerald Group


“As part of the transaction, we required a ‘greenfield’ trading and risk management system which can be deployed in an exceptionally short timeframe. Brady’s new software allows us to link our physical aluminium positions to our hedge transactions at all times. We have the reassurance that our data and assets are protected by Brady’s multi-layered security, in line with industry standards. We are confident that the team and the solution will meet our trading and compliance needs.”

Arnaud De Weert, CEO at Aludium

“Compared to our old in-house system and other commodity trading and risk management applications on the market, Brady metal derivative trading solution is first-class and I’d certainly recommend it.”

LME Options Dealer Assistant at Marex Commodities


“We chose Brady metal hedging and risk management solution because of its robust risk management functionality, including broad range of derivative pricing module and inventory control capabilities, in a platform that directly addresses our business.”

Sahahiko Haneji, Division Senior Vice President at Mitsubishi

Norilsk Nickel

“Investing in a new software platform is an important decision, which is also associated with a degree of risk. To meet the challenges we face in the complex and highly volatile markets in which we operate, we are confident that we have sufficiently mitigated that risk by selecting a solution that can support the full requirements of the metal processing value chain. The Brady team affords the most thorough understanding of the metals markets in the CTRM space, which coupled with its unparalleled portfolio of customer references, provides us with the proven assurance of Brady’s capability to meet our requirements and deliver.”

Markus Meurer, Head of MMC Global Sales at Norilsk Nickel

“Without having a dedicated back-office system means that a lot of time is dedicated to updating multiple systems and databases, where it could be better spent on activity related directly to the business. With the Brady CTRM solution in place, we will have better clarity for analysis, improved efficiency and reliability through the reassurance of an automated platform, enabling us to fully concentrate all our efforts into our core business of trading and risk management. As we expand the business into physical trading and extend our commodity portfolio, we know that the solution we have chosen is scalable to meet the demands of these new markets quickly and efficiently.”

Ashley Levett, CEO at Levmet


“It was clear that Brady’s metal hedging and risk management solution was an appropriate solution for our business.”

Nick Madden, Vice President, Global Procurement
& Metal Management at Novelis

Energy trading



“Brady’s energy scheduling product, provides us not only with a robust system for performing nominations, but also gives a clear and accurate view of all current and past nomination processes. Thanks to the Brady Energy’s scheduling product, particularly its ability to be customised and extended, we are in a position to react quickly to any new market requirements.”

Jakob Hämmerli, Application Manager at BKW


“This was a strategic project for our credit department and extremely timely given the current turmoil across the markets. With Brady’s Credit Risk solution, we benefit from a global view of our counterparty exposures and know where our collateral is on a daily basis. Furthermore, by automating our operations, we can focus on our core business.”

Bjorn Sandmoe, Head of Corporate Credit at Equinor

Clean Energy Sourcing (CLENS)

“Having been a customer of Brady since 2010, we are highly impressed by the team’s understanding of our business and the professional partnership that we have enjoyed to date. This coupled with Brady’s unique position in being able to cover almost all European markets within one modern technology platform, made Brady the right partner for CLENS. We were looking for a way to improve the transparency of the balancing and scheduling processes, whilst simultaneously gaining greater efficiency in streamlining the processes by automating the time-consuming stages of the various processes. We are confident that we have chosen the best product on the market to improve the efficiency of our business, resulting in reduced costs and shorter release cycles.”

Thomas Pröger, CIO at CLENS


“Having relied on Brady energy solutions for several years and following a recent review of all the leading vendors in the space, it was clear to us that Brady provided all the advanced functionality to meet our needs, the lowest implementation risk and the most credible customer references in the Nordic markets, with the largest install base in the region. Additionally, we find the team at Brady very responsive and easy to work with, resulting in a great partnership. Already using Brady’s Energy Data Management solution for our business, we now have the very best solution for both the physical and financial energy markets supported by a single vendor.”

Örjan Thoren, CEO at Scandem Market

Essent trading

“Following a comprehensive review of the market, we selected Brady Credit Risk based on the strength of the product, the expertise of the people and the benefits offered by a rapidly delivered solution.”

Senior Credit Manager at Essent Trading


“Brady delivers continuous support to Enecogen. The support is also handled by the highly skilled ‘Edinburgh’ team, that team achieves very fast response times via their online support portal. Just to summarize, the Enecogen team is very satisfied with the CMS system and also with Brady’s support.”

Michel Klaasse, Plant Performance Engineer at Enecogen


“During our selection process we were convinced that Brady’s EDM offered the most solid solution to meet the market requirements for the forthcoming Nordic Balancing Settlement initiative, which is fundamental to companies operating in the Nordic market. Key to our decision is Brady’s partnership approach working with ourselves and other customers to ensure that the NBS project requirements are met, in time and on budget, without compromising on quality.”

Måns Holmberg, Head of Sales Trading and
Energy Management at Fortum