Energy Data Management

Emerging trends like smart grids, renewable energy sources, data hubs and more transparent networks will set new standards and requirements on energy data management (EDM) solutions.

Market participants that are able to adapt to new changes quickly and enhance efficiencies are in the best position to succeed. The ability to efficiently collect and manage massive amounts of energy data and handle communication processes between multiple market participants is critical in today’s data management systems.

With its long history in the most advanced deregulated markets, Brady has developed deep knowledge and market-leading solutions that allow flexibility to adhere to new business requirements as well as exploit new opportunities today and in the future.

Scalable metering data management

Combining automated data collection, aggregation, verification and substitution with out-of-the-box support for all standard meter data file formats, Brady’s solution delivers easy integration and smooth operations.

Automated short-term trading

By automatically including spot market trades into existing portfolios, the Brady solution ensures all data is available for reporting at any time, while the integrated bid management functionality makes spot trading much easier in the Nordic, Baltic and European markets.

Powerful balancing and scheduling

Brady’s integrated energy and gas logistics solution supports balancing and scheduling across European markets and interconnections. Its modularity and support allows for a wide range of new markets to be entered quickly when the opportunity arises.

Configurable settlement and invoicing

Settlement/invoicing can be automated to the degree required. Once the data is in the system, it can be made available throughout the entire deal life cycle or parts of it can be quarantined. The flexible workflow and notification engines allow automation that is tailored to a company’s processes.

Brady Common

Common is a product that includes a framework.

Common handles all user interface components for EDM.

Common includes GUIs for handling access rights, licensing, notifications and operations management.

Brady covers the following asset classes: power, electricity, gas, emissions, renewables, LNG, LPG


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