Energy Logistics

Brady’s Energy Logistics solution meets the scheduling and balancing needs of energy companies trading in power and gas, offering the widest coverage of European power markets.

By helping to meet the complex requirements of regional and local transmission system operators for bid submissions, requests and balancing in a timely and compliant manner, traders can quickly seize intraday opportunities across borders.


Key business benefits:

  • Saves around 3 to 4 hours of a scheduler’s time per day in administrative tasks – per commodity, by automating the entire scheduling workflow process.
  • Automated scheduling and balancing work flow processes reduces business risks involved in data exchange processes.
  • Enables easy implementation of market specific rules across multiple borders, resulting in timely closing of physical power and gas positions and quicker financial gains for traders.
  • Schedulers can react quickly to information from TSOs to avoid or minimise the impact of costly imbalances.
  • Based on open standards, easily integrates within any IT landscape and is ETRM system agnostic, reducing implementation time and costs.
  • Supports compliance with the ability to log all activities, communications and messages for traceability and audit purposes.


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