Energy Logistics

As national energy markets increasingly move towards crossborder trading, market participants must be able to view electricity balances and inform the relevant transmission system operator (TSO) of the power scheduling or nomination across multiple standards in near to real time.

As harmonisation of standards seems to be many years away, market participants are faced with the challenge of exchanging information across multiple markets and standards for the foreseeable future. However, for market participants ready to embrace crossborder energy trading, the ability to schedule efficiently at lower risk is critical to success.

In this area, Brady has extensive experience in balancing and scheduling or nomination. Brady’s leading industry insight enables it to assist companies find the best solutions to stay ahead of competitors.

Automated scheduling streamlines day-to-day tasks

Why spend three to four hours repeatedly performing administrative tasks manually, such as typing up and reformatting data, importing data into your tool, exporting results and logging into an FTP server to upload these to the relevant TSO, when this can be automated using Brady’s Balancing and Scheduling solution?

This automated solution has a user-friendly interface, which provides a comprehensive overview of the entire scheduling workflow and status, as well as access to step-by-step guidance through the process. Drilling down to any level of detail is also a feature.

Integrate with any ETRM system

Brady’s Energy Balancing and Scheduling solution functions as a standalone solution or as an integrated part of a company’s existing system. When used with Brady’s ETRM system, installing the solution is as simple as plug-and-play. It can also be connected to other ETRM systems.

The solution facilitates intraday trading across multiple markets.

Brady covers the following asset classes: power, electricity, gas, emissions, renewables, LNG, LPG


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