Energy Summit Presentations

Aviv Handler – ETRM – The effects of Brexit and how it relates to Energy participants

David McNair Scott, Trailight – The Senior Managers and Certification regime

Frank Vagstad, Brady plc – ETRM developments 2018

Frank Vagstad, Brady plc – ETRM vision

Ian Tobin, Brady plc – Brady Credit Risk Roadmap 2018

Ismail Gyursel, Brady plc – Brady Spot Bidding Solution

Ismail Gyursel, Brady plc – Energy Logistics Roadmap

Kari Dalen, Statnett – Unlocking flexibility – the role of the aggregator

Libby Koehn, Brady plc – 2018 Brady Energy Summit Keynote

Oscar Egnell, Brady plc – Brady Energy Product Strategy Overview

Oscar Egnell, Market Changes EDM Energy Summit

Per-Herman Puck, Brady plc – ETRM Roadmap

Sandro Olivieri, Nordpool – Intraday and XBID at Nord Pool

Sasha Cvetkovic, Brady plc – Technology Strategy and Product Innovation