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Delivers sophisticated financial commodity trading functions. Supports standard contracts including forwards, futures, options and averages to complex derivative instruments.

Key Benefits

Supporting your front office processes:

  • React to changes in mark-to-market, positions and P&L throughout the day
  • Make optimal trading decisions by analysing optionality in contracts
  • Make informed hedging strategies based on current market conditions
  • Perform detailed P&L analysis to justify business decisions
  • Brokers – manage the generation and distribution of client communications


Supporting your risk management processes:

  • Measure and report on risk metrics to comply with risk policies
  • See the impact of shocks in price, FX and interest rates to the P&L
  • Perform VaR simulations to see the maximum potential loss over time
  • React to an adverse counterparty credit situation quickly
  • Automate commission and brokerage calculations to reduce risk of errors
  • Manage initial and variation margin requirements more accurately
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