Financial highlights

Financial Highlights


  • During the year we have streamlined the Group’s structure into three distinct areas: Value Enablement, Business Enablement and Product Teams;
  • Focussed on the business to concentrate on our core Commodities and Energy products;
  • Sold the recycling business to AMCS for $6.5 million, allowing us to strengthen our balance sheet subsequent to the year-end;
  • Put in place the overarching product design that will enable us to deliver new and innovative products;
  • Delivered new product functionality for our Concentrates solution, created a consolidated Energy platform for the Integrated Single Electricity Market and developed¬† new functionality to support market changes for Elhub in the Nordic market and LME Smart for the London Metals Exchange;
  • Continued our transition to a recurring revenue model with recurring revenues rising to 66% from 62%; and
  • Secured seven new customers in our core E/CTRM markets.