Logistics and Inventory Management

Logistics and Inventory Management

Brady’s logistics and inventory management is an award winning solution that ensures the complete traceability of the delivered product, as well as helping to organise all the logistics processes involved in commodity deliveries. The profitability of the operation can then be accurately reconciled by profit centre, in the balance sheet and against individual budgets. From selecting the best costing for a deal to issuing the agreed invoice and required documents, Brady’s logistics and inventory management is the ideal solution for all commodity trading requirements.

The logistics module ensures the complete traceability of the goods from the provider to the customer and helps organise the logistics of delivery. This module enables companies to plan transportation, inform the different parties involved (producer, client, carrier, inspectors) and follow up the shipments. Inventory management functions provide relevant information on the status and position of the goods as soon as the data is entered into the system, goods being either in a warehouse or ‘floating’. Reports showing the stock movement history or the stock available at a cut-off date are provided.

The inventory management solution enables total traceability of all goods and relevant information on the location and status of the goods as soon as the data has been entered into the system, whether the commodity is in a warehouse, in transit on the road or on a vessel. Reports providing full stock movement history or remaining stock available at a certain date are also provided.

The solution caters for refined and unrefined metals, concentrates and raw materials, as well as softs and agriculturals.




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