A Trader’s Perspective on Short-Term Power Trading

New ways to profit If you are a Head of Energy Trading, working at an established commodities trading business, it’s highly likely that your leadership has been considering a move into short-term power trading. It is really a case of

Empowering asset developers to retain trading profits

Introduction The energy market is de-carbonising and generation is decentralising. This means that the traditional vertically integrated energy company, with the majority of output in large-scale power plants at its control, is disappearing. Instead, asset owners are becoming more diverse. As

Oil-co of the future

Introduction It is evident that oil and gas majors are embracing the energy transition. Whether that be Shell’s ‘Powering Progress’ or BP’s “Performing while Transforming”, they are all facing some common challenges. In a world of “low carbon electricity and

Scrap metals: how to increase trading profits with Fintrade

Recently, Brady compiled and issued a checklist for scrap metals companies that outlined how to increase trading profits in response to trends in the market. In an interview with Gary Vasey from the analyst firm ComTech Advisory, Brady explores the issues facing small scrap metals

The new era for intelligent credit risk

As we continue to deal with the global coronavirus pandemic, there is increased pressure on supply chains and the credit teams to monitor counterparty credit risk more effectively. Real-time credit risk analysis is essential for risk teams to be able

Physical metals trading – addressing the needs of SMEs

Small and medium enterprises engaged in physical metals trading face a number of challenges when it comes to hedging, trading, moving and storing metals. There is still heavy reliance on spreadsheets and manual data manipulation in trade management, market monitoring