7 June 2016: Brady plc appoints Ian Jenks as Non-Executive Chairman

23rd March 2016, London: Brady plc (BRY.L), the leading global provider of trading, risk management and settlement solutions to the energy, commodities and recycling sectors, announced today that following SA Recycling’s recent acquisition of Newell Recycling Southeast LLC, a total of 70 locations are now utilising Brady’s Commodity Recycling Enterprise solution to automate all of their business and operational processes.

SA Recycling is recognised as a world leader in the metal recycling industry. With 70 facilities located throughout the Southwestern United States and now with locations in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee, it serves both regional and worldwide markets. SA Recycling is a one-stop, full service Recycling Operation, designed to meet the recycling needs of everyone from the individual recycler to the largest manufacturers.

We designed Brady Recycling software from the ground up for large, multi-location recycling companies. Companies like SA Recycling demand a fully integrated financial solution. Our financial database ensures that financial, commercial and operational reporting is always timely, accurate and in-synch. Brady Recycling software delivers audit and SOX-compliant features to help run the largest multinational commercial recyclers, ensuring that the latest regulatory demands are adhered to.

Mark Sweetman, CFO of SA Recycling commented: “Brady is so integral to the running of our business, that it is imperative that any businesses we acquire are up and running on Brady’s platform as quickly as possible. We leave no room for any error. With the sophistication of the Brady solution, we were delighted to have all 17 locations integrated on the system with users operating on-line in under 90 days. The Newell accounting team was amazed that having been used to spending 15 days to complete month end accounts, last month’s task was completed in just three days”.

Continuing he added, “In this low margin, volatile commodities space, SA understands the need for quality real time information. Fully costed transactions and inventory positions are crucial to our management of the business and we believe that the Brady software is the best positioned to provide that data, in particular since it recently acquired ScrapRunner, the industry leader in the trucking fleet dispatch and container management side of the business”.

Gavin Lavelle, CEO of Brady plc commented: “Tough markets in particular require fast, reliable solutions that address the nuances of the specific market. Brady has always recognised that one size doesn’t fit all. The nuances of the recycling sector cannot be addressed within a standard ERP system. Brady’s solution for recycling companies focuses on the unique financial, commercial and operational management requirements of recycling companies. I firmly believe that recyclers select Brady as the result of many years of consistently delivering on our commitments and the understanding of the business that our team has gained, as well as a deep understanding of the unique way in which each individual customer operates.

Continuing, he said: “I must add that the success of an implementation is reliant on commitment by the vendor and the customer and in this case, all the credit for the extraordinary short implementation timeline and successful go live goes to the teams at SA Recycling and Newell. Their planning and execution show what can be accomplished when organised and managed correctly”.

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Brady plc (BRY.L) is the largest European-headquartered provider of trading and risk management software to the global commodity, recycling and energy markets. Brady combines fully integrated and complete solutions supporting the entire commodity trading operation, from capture of financial and physical trading, through risk management, handling of physical operations, back office financials and treasury settlement, for energy, refined and unrefined metals, scrap and secondary metals, soft commodities and agricultural products.

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7 June 2016: Brady plc appoints Ian Jenks as Non-Executive Chairman