Optimise your full chain of physical commodity trading operations

Financial Trading                 Physical Trading                  Credit Risk

Delivers comprehensive physical trading functions, supporting hedging and risk management of standard contracts

Key Benefits

Supporting your financial processes:

  • React to changes in mark-to-market, positions and P&L throughout the day
  • Determine which trades are likely to be the most profitable as prices change
  • Plan and react promptly to market and credit risks including applying limits
  • Conduct P&L analysis across multiple legal entities or trading books
  • Perform estimation to realisation of freight, insurance and storage
Brady solutions covers a large variety of commodities.

Supporting your logistics processes:

  • Capture nuances of complex physical deals, such as concentrates
  • Ensure inventory committed contracts is no longer available for other sales
  • Manage inventory between suppliers, depots, silos and customers
  • Track shipments and associated transport for land, maritime and multimodal flows
  • Manage costs such as inspection of inventory, transport, import and excise duties and taxes – all from one place
  • View inventory balances across different locations to see the least expensive from which to transport

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Metals solutions

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