Physical Trading and Risk

Physical Trading and Risk

Brady offers physical traders a sophisticated solution that combines rich contract administration, operational processing and logistics capabilities with sophisticated mark-to-market, pricing and risk tools. Designed for trading, risk management and operations teams, the solution is designed specifically for base and precious metals, covering the nuances of a wide range of physical metal contract attributes, and accurately and reliably representing these in the operational workflow and analytic functions. Powerful derivatives functionality is also available for hedging or proprietary trading.

The document management module provides a single interface for handling, organising, storing, sharing and retrieving all of the trading company’s messages, contacts and documents in order to improve the business communication workflow. The linked DOC function allows linking any document to a specific form of the solution. Documents are generated through the use of document templates that can be modified by the trading company to match its specific needs. These templates can be easily manipulated by using the dictionary of keywords that are used to dynamically generate documents such as deal sheets, contracts, invoices, shipping instructions, letters of credit, etc.

The physical contracts module enables the comprehensive management and tracking of physical contracts. By matching sales and purchases it provides an up-to-date view of the profitability of each operation, so the overall risk exposure throughout the lifecycle of the transaction can be controlled. The profitability of the operation can then be accurately reconciled by profit centre, compared to the budget and directly reflected in the balance sheet.

The solution caters for refined and unrefined metals, concentrates and raw materials, as well as softs and agricultures.




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