Many physical trading companies enter into tolling agreements which are contracts to deliver a certain type, grade or specification of the commodity to a processor, and receive back refined, part-refined or processed material, in exchange for a fee.

The problem faced by many of these companies is that while the physical trading activity is catered for in a typical CTRM system, tolling contracts invariably are not.

These agreements are extremely complex and keeping them off system means you have a gap in your process flow between purchase, transformation and sale, making it hard to keep track of inventory balances and availability, and harder to attribute P&L. This can also lead to operational risks such as inadvertently selling material that was scheduled to be processed.

Brady’s Tolling module supports these complex contracts and processes, tracks the status of all open and historical contracts, tracks quantities and assays of scheduled deliveries and actual deliveries and receipts, has a comprehensive and user-configurable rules-based engine for defining fees, calculates fees due and can be deployed as a cloud-based service or on-premise.

The Brady Tolling Module is part of Brady’s suite of CTRM services but was also designed to be usable as an individual module which integrates with third-party CTRM solutions, or as part of an integrated Brady solution.


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